Covid-19 Update

Update 10th July 2020

We are beginning to open our churches for worship on Sunday mornings and will be constantly reviewing how things are going and the latest guidelines. We are also continuing with Zoom/Youtube Live services each week at 10am for those who cannot venture out yet.

For details of services over the next few weeks please visit our services page here.

As David said in his letter some months ago:
We can pray
We can worship
We can witness
We can enjoy scripture
We can shop and drop for others
We can weep with those who are weeping
We can be creative in how we encourage each other
We can continue as Gods faithful church in His world.
We can deeply trust God who has all things in His hands
We can trust upwards, reach outwards and be kind inwards.

We will email round the villages as we have more information about Sunday services. Please do contact us if you have any questions.

Simon, Rector of the 5 parishes

Here are some helpful links to sites for devotional material in downloads or apps.

Daily Prayer
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Android App

Pray as you go
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A selection of prayers for use at this time from the Church of England